Question by  amitsaraogi80 (30)

What could be causing a ticking coming from the oil pan between the transmission?


Answer by  les59 (852)

A ticking noise coming from or around the oil pan may be an indication that you should check the amount of oil in the car itself. Sometimes guages can go bad, and you shouldn't rely solely on your oil pressure guage. You should always check the dipstick. It may be time to change your oil, or add some oil.


Answer by  Adam17 (161)

Most likely the noise is not coming from the transmission's oil pan itself, but rather from the transmission. From the description you gave, my first guess would be that the transmission's planetary gears have gone out. Often the inner bearing will fail and the planetary gear will get ruined, making a noise very similar to what you described.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

A leak in the pan possibly. There could be something loose in the pan as well. If you have noticed oil being cooled this could be the issue also.


Answer by  Grant (27)

This could be several things. I had a corvette that had a cracked flex plate that made a similar sound. I had a pickup truck with a torque converter bolt that came out that also made a noise. First step is remove inspection cover from the transmission.


Answer by  Doug77 (1433)

A ticking could be from the tin plate that covers the flywheel hitting the flywheel/torque convertor itself. It could also be a cracked flywheel or a foreign object.


Answer by  Grag (452)

It could be a piston that is hitting the oil pan which would be a loud consistant hitting of the oil pan leaving dents in the oil pan. it could be a bad gasket. you should have a mechanic look at the vehicle as soon as possible. it could be very serious.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Many things can cause a ticking in the transmission. Most likely the problem is a bad bearing. The way find out for sure is to check the pan for metal shavings or metal particles. If it is clean, then the transmission is not the problem. Check to see if the problem is only associated with one gear or multiple gears.


Answer by  pfrink (80)

With out knowing the year, make, and model of your car, it is hard to determine one hundred percent what the noise maybe for sure. However, the pan you are speaking of, if it is not the oil pan, then it could be the transmission pan. If you are hearing a ticking noise, this could be very bad.

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