Question by  rockstargem (26)

What can you do for your pregnant dog when her water breaks?

How do you know her water has broken and that she did not just pee?


Answer by  Saskiewicz (85)

A warm, comfortable environment should be prepared for a dog since the labor itself can last 24 hours. Since the dog will be in severe pain, attempt to keep her calm and allow her to chew something to help sooth her. A dog's water will be clear with a tint of brown or green, signifying that it is not urine.


Answer by  Kyra (6)

Avoid moving the dog that is about to give birth, dogs naturally found themselves very well alone, but if she cries too much or be too restless recommend taking her to the vet. The break of water comes out much less liquid than when she pees, and is usually a greenish liquid.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Dogs don't break water, like a pregnant human- you need to read up on canine whelping, and be assured she will probably do just fine. Ask your SPCA for tips.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

Let mother nature take its course when you suspect that your dog's water has broken. All that you can really do is provide a safe area with lots of blankets.

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