Question by  Alvelais (9)

How many days should a 5 year old girl have fever before it gets dangerous?


Answer by  Jason41 (229)

A fever should not last more than 3 full days. Giving Tylenol or Motrin is ok but only reduces the fever for a few hours then it returns. Let the fever go thru its course and if the child has the fever on the 4th day then you should take him/her to the Dr. Asap.


Answer by  anjeldream (86)

A child can have a fever for up to 5 days before it becomes problematic. Of more concern is the actual temperature of the child.


Answer by  Alvelais (9)

Thank you guys for all your answers, My little girl got a mild fever since wednesday and went on and off until monday nite, I took her to the Doc on Sunday morning and she said what you guys just said, to let the fever run its course till isgone.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

It depends on the temperature. On the second day if there is no drop, take her in. If she's able to drink fluids, and keep them down, you can give it a couple of days, but the doctor can prescribe meds to help fight the infection. If she's over 100, I'd take her in immediately.


Answer by  Alvelais (9)

She told me it was fine since the fever was only about 98 at the highest point, and the virus or bacteria should clear out soon in a couple of days, if not then come back to se her and do blood testing. so she's lot betternow.


Answer by  cardiacnurse (35)

a fever is a fever is a fever. How high is the fever and what else is going on? What other symptoms does she have? A fever indicates your body is fighting something. The fever may go away but you have to find out what her body is fighting

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