Question by  lize413 (18)

Do T-ball players wear baseball cleats?


Answer by  Brett (7986)

It's up to the parents, but probably not. T-ball is played generally for kids under the age of 6, so there wouldn't be a need for them to wear cleats. Cleats essentially are supposed to give you more or better traction for running, and at this age, it's not needed.


Answer by  sususu (866)

Some T-ball players do wear baseball cleats, but wearing baseball cleats isn't always required. It varies by league, so check with the league you wish to play with. If you do choose to buy cleats, make sure to buy baseball cleats and not soccer cleats because baseball cleats aren't alowed in soccer games.


Answer by  matt80 (142)

It depends on the seriousness of the T-ball league in question. More serious leagues will have cleats while more relaxed leagues may use tennis shoes.


Answer by  Jalex (104)

I think it depends on the league but I see no need for T-ballers to wear cleats. They are not going to be making any drastic cuts on the field.


Answer by  manishjoshi (9)

no t-ball player is not wearing a baseball cleats the cleats of baseball is totaly diffrent from t-ball cleats, they have different size and shape and also made from different material

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