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Question by  mynewbaby (20)

Would menopause cause increased adrenaline?


Answer by  mani (813)

No. During menopause,only fatigue and tiredness will occur. In some cases the adrenaline wakes us up with a jolt when it reaches our brain due to the impact of hot flash.


Answer by  RNR (129)

Women feel very anxious and stressful during menopause. They experience many physical changes. This affects the blood sugar levels and causes the adrenaline level to increase.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Yes absolutely, menopause will cause increased adrenalin and great mind tension and disturbance. THis is due to the hormonal effect.


Answer by  Ashley68 (404)

Yes. When going through menopause, most women do experience an increase of adrenaline. Sometimes these increases are random and extremely sporadic.

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