Question by  rajesh23 (4)

Will there be a Kingdom Hearts 3?

I love the first two movies and want to see a third.


Answer by  ts9818a (139)

I am assuming you mean game. There is a Kingdom Hearts 3 game scheduled for release but the time has not been stated. Keep your hopes up!


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

Kingdom Hearts is actually a video game series. There has been a theoretical third released though it isn't technically a sequel, it was released on the Nintendo DS. Based upon the success of the first two and no known licensing issues between Square and Disney, there is no reason they wouldn't make a third.


Answer by  Desine (427)

According to a bent.co.jp and Famitsu interviews with Tetsuya Nomura, there are two untitled games in the works, one planned for 2010 and one for 2011, and after that comes Kingdom Hearts 3, which is still in the planning stages.


Answer by  Thejones (227)

There will be a Kingdom Hearts 3, and it looks as though it will be on the PS3 gaming system.


Answer by  mynameisbob (14)

Well, there has been much speculation about Kingdom Hearts 3 being produced, but up till now nothing has been confirmed.

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