Question by  nadine1252 (49)

What is Kingdom Hearts all about?

What ages is it appropriate for?


Answer by  Chris48 (475)

Kingdom Hearts is a series of video games created by Square Enix featuring Disney characters and other characters created for the series. The series is appropriate for children, but adults will find it entertaining as well. It has been released for Play Station, Nintendo, and mobile phones.


Answer by  xFFKHFanx (14)

Kingdom Hearts is a suitable game for children from ages 7 to 15 due to the games's storyline and affiliation with Disney and developer Square Enix.


Answer by  lordnykon (49)

Sora the keyblade holder can open doors to other worlds, he realizes his powers when Kari his best friend heart is taken by a heartless, Sora and his friend Riku set off to other worlds with Donald, and Goofy to get Kari'S heart back, and fight off the heartless.


Answer by  Tombo (106)

Kingdom Hearts takes characters from the Final Fantasy series of video games and places them alongside characters and settings from Disney's most famous films. While the tone is mostly whimsical, it can be dark at times. I would not recommend any of the Kingdom Hearts games to a player under the age of eight.


Answer by  czc2844 (158)

It's all about a boy(Sora) who loses his home world to heartless. He is accompanied by Donal and Goofy to various Disney worlds to lock the heartless out, find his friends, and stop the heartless from capturing Kingdom Hearts. It's appropriate for all ages.

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