Question by  em (201)

Will plate speakers fit in the rear of a Honda Accord?

I am in the process of researching speakers for my sons car and am not sure what will fit in.


Answer by  Advizor (230)

They do not fit well without modifying the rear hat shelf. I would recommend using the correct size of speaker the vehicle came with to avoid it looking tattered. There are many high quality replacments on the market that are resonably priced and have base cone and floating tweeter.


Answer by  daly (125)

I thing plate speakers will fit in the rear of a Honda Accord. My friend has Honda Accord and he has plate speakers on his Honda Accord. But i don't know how did he put that on his car, or if he did it by his self. But they will fit on Honda Accord, I'm sure about that.


Answer by  Samhane (703)

Yes, they will but it will determine on the year of your accord. Your best bet is to go to a car audio or other store and lookup the model of vehicle that you have. It will tell you what type and size of speakers that you can install in the front and the rear of your vehicle.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

One of the best things about the Accord is that its simple to customize. Just about any speakers will work , also a shallow speaker box is an alternative.


Answer by  spliffy (56)

the LX/DX models accept a 6-1/2 round speaker while the EX/SE models accepet a 6x9" speaker. The model is the determinning factor


Answer by  Snappledrank (103)

Plate speakers should fit in the stock holes in the rear of your car. If they don't, you can always find kits that will adjust the hole to the specific size at any audio store. Just find the one which corresponds to your make and model, and follow the directions.

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