Question by  liolik (21)

Will paper towels clog a toilet?


Answer by  Bob64 (87)

It depends in part on the type or brand of paper towels and the amount used. Using any kind of material in a great enough quantity can clog a toilet. A single paper tower is not likely to create a clog, but two or three may do so. Some will break up more easily in water than others.


Answer by  sherryk (621)

YES they can. So, why even take a chance by flushing one. Plumbers don't work for free.


Answer by  mpelle (343)

Yes they will clog the toilet. Paper towels have a thicker appeal than that of toilet paper. Thicker subjects such as paper towels and even kleenex can get caught in the drains of toilet bowls. Toilet paper is thinner and absorbant. Paper towels are used for heavy duty clean up and are not used to be flushed.


Answer by  first (12)

Yes, it has been proven that flushing paper towels down a toilet, due to their thickness, will cause the toilet to clog.

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