Question by  Ezrael2979 (20)

Will a lime help with dog urine odor?

I was told to put lime on dog urine to eliminate the odor.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

I think that putting a lime on urine will only make the smell worse. Use pinesol or a good cleaner that will disinfect also so that you do not get sick.


Answer by  ldonovan7 (54)

Lime may help cover the odor of dog urine, however, if you need a product for inside you home I don't know if lime would be my first choice. There are tons of products on the market made for use in your home.


Answer by  Texan65 (37)

Lime is for urine odors outside. If you have indoor urine odor try vinegar. A 3:1 solution of warm water and vinegar works well. But don't forget to open a window - vinegar is strong.


Answer by  Jeannie28 (33)

I don't believe lime will help. I have had great success using white vinegar to remove offensive odors from pets.

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