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Question by  VivekRathee (103)

Will a grub worm embed itself in a cat's neck?

I removed a grub worm and it appeared to have burrowed into my cat's neck. Is this possible?


Answer by  erinyay (46)

It's very unlikely that a grub worm would embed itself in a cat's neck. However, maggots (fly larva), bot flies most certainly can, and should be seen immediately by a vet.


Answer by  Kaydee (252)

More than likely what you removed is also known as a Bot fly larvae. The eggs are ingested when the animal grooms itself. The eggs then hatch and the larvae works it way to just underneath the skin, where it will mature then work its way out.


Answer by  Cathy94 (49)

Possibly, this was a botfly larva. This large larva forms a cyst, sending a breathing tube to the surface. This is also called a cuterebra. It is best to have it removed by a veterinarian so complications do not occur. Often, an antibiotic is prescribed once it is removed.


Answer by  Anonymous

I just had the same problem. Definitely get your animal to the vet immediately because the complications from this worm are very bad. There are ways to get it out yourself but do not , it can cause anaphalactic shock which could kill the animal!


Answer by  praveenalister (79)

Yes, your thought is possible because, the grub worm is C-shaped and it can reach upto 20 inches long. Its body is very slimy and secretes mucus from glands. It moves in a gliding motion and it can be able to embed itself in a cat's neck.


Answer by  Anonymous

It is possible. We just left "the longest one the vet ever saw" in a glass jar in his office after he removed it from the stray kitten we found in our bushes.

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