Question by  TT (27)

Why would you take Thallium?

Why would a doctor prescribe it?


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Thallium is a mineral. In medicine it is used in diagnostic testing to determine cardiac function. It is also used for ringworm and other skin conditions. It has limited use because of it's toxicity. The toxic effects outweigh the therapeutic effects. Please note that thallium sulfate is used to make rat poison and is extremely toxic.


Answer by  kruss01 (40)

Thallium is prescribed in limited amounts for skin infections and ringworm, however, there is a very narrow margin between being beneficial and being toxic. Most oftenly a physician will prescribe a safer medication. If you have been prescribed Thallium, you may want to ask your physician to prescribe something less toxic.


Answer by  Colorgirl (73)

Your doctor cannot prescribe Thallium. It's poisonous. You shouldn't even touch the stuff. If someone told you their doctor prescribed Thallium, they were messing with you.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

Thallium is most commonly used (these days) as a tool in stress tests for patients with coronary artery disease. It has also been used as a rat poison and is extremely toxic!

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