Question by  guth76 (5)

Why would my girlfriend say for the first time last week that she loves me, and now won't take my calls?

We are both in our 40s


Answer by  MRAM (21)

Maybe she scared herself by saying that? Or she changed her mind. I know that is a sad possibility, but it probably isn't the case. Stay positive. Maybe she has been busy or had a family emergency or something. Good luck.

Reply by guth76 (5):
thank you for your advice, i will stay positive, thanks.  add a comment

Answer by  Andrew78 (153)

The reason your girls friend said she loved you last week and now she will not take your calls may just be because she is busy. Thing happen and can come up without any notice or warning and sometimes that leaves us without enough time to return a call. Try to send her a email she maybe just really busy.

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