Question by  momoside (24)

Why won't my crape myrtles bloom?


Answer by  daylahmnas (129)

Lack of nutrition, soil drainage or insect damage could be the cause. Test your soil with an at-home soil tester a fertilize as necessary.


Answer by  barefootinformation (62)

Crape Myrtles love the sun, make sure it is not being shaded, keep in mind that they adapt easy to being transplanted if it is in fact in the shade now. As well pruning can cause problems, prune little! Happy Spring!


Answer by  webweaver (83)

Make sure your crape myrtles are getting plenty of sun. Although they are drought tolerant, a consistent supply of moisture is necessary for flowering. Be sure not to prune crape myrtles until late summer. They bloom in summer, so pruning in the spring will destroy the developing flower buds.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Sometimes diseases on the myrtle plant keep it from blooming. Is there a white powdery substance on the plant? If there is you can be sure that the plant is a victim of the white fungus disease, meaning that it won't grow unless the areas affected are cut off from the plant.


Answer by  Robert85 (12)

Firstly, crape myrtles typically bloom in the middle of the summer. If they are due to bloom but aren't, it is possible that your crape myrtles may not be getting enough direct sunlight to allow them to bloom.


Answer by  beth56 (18)

crape myrtles do not like to be watered a lot. They flower better with less water.Give them to late summer to start blooming. Dig around the tree just cutting into the roots. This should help.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You may not have enough of the good PH they need to bloom in your garden soild if you don't they will never bloom for you and you can have your soild tested then you will know what to add or take away.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

when a plant doesn't get sunlight and sufficient water then it won't bloom.Did you keep the plant in a nutritious soil.If not add manure to make it fertile.Do not keep it in a pot,grow it in a ground.Use insecticides to kill insects.

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