Question by  muffyny (16)

Why will they not let you tour the upstairs rooms of Graceland?

I want to see the upstairs of Graceland.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

It is private. Only Lisa Marie, Priscilla and a curator for Graceland are allowed to go up there. Nicolas Cage was up there one time when he was married to Lisa Marie, but only a handful of people have been up there. Even President Clinton was denied access.


Answer by  dannyk (12)

The upstairs portion of the Graceland mention is closed to the public, just as Elvis was extremely private about that portion of the home (which includes his bed and bathroom, his daughters room etc. ) Official it is closed due to "logistical reasons" but people assume its due to personal resaons


Answer by  Lynn82 (237)

The upstairs of Graceland (which includes Elvis's bedroom, bathroom, and office as well as Lisa Marie's bedroom) was Elvis's personal sanctuary. As it was during Elvis's life, this part of the mansion remains private. No one is allowed on the second floor except for Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and the Graceland curator.


Answer by  Anonymous

some say it cos he is still alive


Answer by  Anonymous

I think the reason you are not allowed up there is because he uses the top part of the mansion for a safe hiding place because he has gotten old and dont think anyone cares for his music anymore.

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