Question by  Bob6479 (27)

Why is theater popcorn so much better than popcorn you make at home?

Sometimes I go to the movies just for the popcorn.


Answer by  SwappeR (12)

There is a special kind of salt they add to commercial products as popcorn, chips and so on - monosodium glutamate. But it's not very healthy. It is also widely used in the chinese and asian dishes. It basically makes the flavours in the meal more distinctive and tasteful, but beware - it's not healthy in general.


Answer by  sharon4595 (650)

I think its the popcorn popper that they use. Somehow it gets all the butter over all the kernnels and cooks the flavor in to the popcorn, also they use a special butter.


Answer by  posti (99)

I assume you make your popcorn in the microwave at home. In movie theaters the popcorn is made in oil in a large pot. You can also do this at home, but be careful not to burn your house.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Because its full of salt and butter and oil. At home you either microwave or pop and add a small amount of flavoring when it is done.

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