Question by  kimberly123 (16)

Why is my outside unit air conditioner making a loud noise?


Answer by  ask123048 (128)

Cogs within the air conditioner could be lose, as well as parts on the motor. It will probably also benefit to clean the air filter.


Answer by  Rajesh (329)

When the air conditioner is switched on it will boost the compressor to start up. The loud noise is the outdoor fan or compressor is going on.


Answer by  ziawaziri (36)

The outside body may be losely fitted resulting in vibrations. The compressor may be running low on gas. The fan blade must the lose.


Answer by  hemasai (23)

It may be due to that the conditioner may be possibly in need of more freon than the present level of it.


Answer by  gqriceman (3)

Commercial building i work at is making a weird noise when i turn my ac on. I had some guy listen to noise he say its the belt need to be change. He say 150 with labor? Could that be it guys?

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