Question by  bubba (20)

Why does smoking weed scare me?


Answer by  DevoutCatalyst (441)

That depends. Are you scared OF smoking it or scared WHEN smoking it? If you're scared of trying it then don't psychotropics are not for the weak of mind. If you're scared when smoking it change your setup only smoke with close trustworthy friends in familiar non threatening surroundings.


Answer by  oldmom (716)

Maybe because it's illegal? If you're talking more about the fact that you become scared when you smoke weed, it's because some paranoia often accompanies smoking pot. Both because of worries about its illegality, but also because the active ingredient in pot often causes some fear symptoms. Leave it alone.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Marijuana is highly addictive. It is also proven to decrease productivity, leading those who use it to be almost unemployable and have low life achievement. They also have a high risk of ending up in jail.

Reply by DevoutCatalyst (441):
Incorrect. Don\'t spout propaganda if you don\'t know what you\'re talking about. Marijuana is NOT highly addictive. It is one of the least physically addictive \"drugs\" around, coffee and alcohol is more physically addictive. I\'m talking fact by the way not opinion. The rest of your warnings I agree with.  add a comment

Answer by  John (9008)

It scares you because it is illegal and you are worried about getting caught. Also, you have seen the numerous advertisements about the dangers of marijuana.

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