Question by  everythingsfree (12)

Why does my Yorkshire Terrier have a thin coat?


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

Terrier's coats can thin with age. It's also possible it is not getting or absorbing the right amount of nutrition. A skin infection is also likely, along with fleas.


Answer by  leann (94)

Some things that cause coat thinning in dogs are mange, thyroid problems, insect infestation, fungal infections, and nervous licking. Mange often occurs in the neck and chest area, around the eyes, and the top of the head but can infect any bodily region.


Answer by  ammnivarghese (262)

Any breed of animals, they will have their own skin, coat, fur etc. Yorkshire is one of the best breed with thin coat. This is naturally dependeing on their breed

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