Question by  MSantora (21)

Are Yorkshire Terriers good rescue dogs?


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Any breed of dog can be good rescue dogs. If you do your research on the breed in general and it seems like a good fit, you can start looking at shelters and rescues for the right Yorkie for you. Rescue dogs have all different backgrounds, so every one is different.


Answer by  kendall (95)

I would recommend them as long as you do not have small children or aggressive pets currently. They are shy and a sweet but they can also have some health issues due to over breeding. Since the "pocket breeds" have become popular they are over populating several rescues & shelters.


Answer by  Erica95 (323)

Most Yorkies are under 10lbs and teacups are even smaller so no, unless all you want them to do is locate someone and then bark a lot to alert others.


Answer by  Alicia22 (34)

Yorkshire Terriers are good rescue dogs because all dogs need homes but bear in mind they are a nervous breed. It would be good to learn as much as you can about the dog's history because if it's been abused or neglected it may be difficult.

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