Question by  Addison (16)

Why does my goldfish have a white substance growing on its left eye?


Answer by  SunnyStars (836)

The white substance might be a fungus starting to develop around the eye. The white substance might turn into pop-eye which is a more serious problem that can result in blindness or even death. Add aquarium salt and perform a 50% water-change everyday until the condition is completely cleared up.


Answer by  DeadlyGlories (71)

That sounds to me like maybe a fungus of some kind. You might want to go describe the problem to a fish worker in a pet shop. Many of them will be familiar with fish problems, and will be able to recommend steps to take to fix whatever it is.


Answer by  abby39 (213)

The white substance is most likely a fungus. The condition is called "eye cloud". Eye cloud is most frequently caused by poor water quality.


Answer by  summerdae (408)

For your sake, I hope it's not Ick. Ick is a common fish disease, but it can be fatal to your entire tank. Get some drops from the pet store, talk to someone who knows what Ick is.


Answer by  narmadhaT (10)

my goldfish have a white subustance growing on its left eye to protect the gland present inside the eye. so that the fish can lead a long life

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