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Question by  HitFactory (17)

Why does my car only run if I hold the ignition?


Answer by  MrSuperior85 (140)

what do you mean by run? if its meaning while driving then its very dangerous,please open the ignition switch might be there is a breakage in soldering, so solder it properly, if not then check the earth bolt solder it might be broken,if not then its is suggested to visit nearest workshop.


Answer by  jp95 (160)

The way the electronics are set up in the ignition are when you turn it to run it engages the starter for the engine. When you release the key to the run position there is a relay in the column to keep the car running, check that


Answer by  Regis628 (88)

The ignition module has failed and needs to be replaced. The ignition cylinder turns the ignition module which is behind that. You may need to remove the steering column cover to get to the module. Consult a technician to take care of this since it is costly if done wrong.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It sounds like you have a damaged ignition cylinder. Holding it must make the circuit and keep the engine running. You should remove it and have anew one installed. It sounds pretty dangerous.

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