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Question by  ethan (17)

Why do some people talk a lot?

I am not one of those people but my best friend is.


Answer by  Kelli (181)

The short answer is that some people have the personality trait of being garrulous ("habitually, often excessively talkative"), just as others are shy, quiet, or reserved. Put simply, it's their nature. Of course, there can be other reasons: insecurity, egocentrism, nervousness, for example.


Answer by  Anonymous

I think some folks talk a lot because in their home they have no one to talk to and by nature most of us are in need of communion/communication with others.


Answer by  Israel34 (18)

may be several reasons that is unique to that person. The best way to know why "that person" talk alot is to ask him or her. I know of one who just loves the sound of her own voice, another person not only talks alot but fast, and this is because they are nervous.


Answer by  jamie1 (291)

Some people are introverted, like yourself, and some are extroverted. Introverted people may think more or more deeply, or simply keep their thoughts to themselves sometimes if they are shy.


Answer by  Anonymous

becuase they have alot to say or alot on thier mind that theyre tying to gett outt at the same time


Answer by  alz (2329)

Some people really just like the sound of their own voice. They think that their stories are the most entertaining, their jokes the best, etc. In reality, they probably aren't but it stems from a vanity thing and sometimes even from a lack of self confidence whihc may seem a little irnoic.

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