Question by  Reuben (16)

Why do people put 'in loving memory' on their cars?


Answer by  babalu (177)

People do this because they want to memorialize the memory of their loved one. It can be a source of comfort to see those words and what better place to see them all the time than on your car? People will do it to commemorate the deaths of loved ones due to drunk driving, a rolling reminder, if you will.


Answer by  ravishanker (155)

People buy cars which is their dream. For some people it's their aim. People when they buy their dream car which they always keep it with them they write such sentences because each person would have missed some one whom thy liked in their life time. For the remembrance of their loved once only they write so.


Answer by  nworber (17)

My sister and brother-in-law placed one on each of their cars after the death of their daughter. The death was sudden as she was murdered. She was only twenty four years old. Maybe the hurt they feel every time they look at the sign is a way of keeping her alive.


Answer by  Cathy65 (652)

They are attempting to honor their loved ones and show everyone that they remember their loved ones. It is strange that they decide to use their car to honor their loved ones though. I supposed people want everyone to know that they are grieving a loss and that the person was important to them.

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