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Question by  SmaCk (20)

Why do I have stomach pain and tightening?


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

Pain, or tightening of the stomach can come from a few different causes. If it is coming from lack of food, your stomach is cramping because it has acid that is not going to use and is instead festering. It can also come from gas that is released during digestion.


Answer by  steve12 (342)

There could be a lot of reasons for such symptoms. Some specific types of food can cause uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, and even pain. But, there also might be some condition in the stomach, such as ulcer or other disease which can be responsible for the pain.


Answer by  jtslittlepod (24)

You could be in real or false labor, or exhibiting starvation. Menstral cramps could also be as cause, or maybe regular cramping if you have just taken an hour long run. Then there is the worry of cancer or the relief of it being just gas, don't forget the ulcer.


Answer by  bajestar (605)

You might be constipated try drinking some more water to help move your bowels to move. You may also want to try an enema.


Answer by  PJAGANI (231)

Indigestion,dyspepsia,hyper acidity,peptic ulcer etc. are the commen cause for stomach pain and tightening. Due to lack of enough digestive juice food which is ingested in stomach is not fully digested and gives rise to stomach pain and tightening.

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