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Question by  mrsb (76)

Why do I have pain when bending during physical therapy after acl surgery?


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

The pain is caused by the "stretching" of muscles and tendons affected by the surgery. During course of physical therapy you will have decreased pain as tendons and muscles strengthen.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Well there is pain after acl surgery. It is normal and is expected. You should take your therapy slowly and have treatments done regularly.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

This pain is caused by inflammatoion in the tissues surrounding your anterior cruciate ligament. Surgery tears tissues open, so these need to heal.


Answer by  informant31 (510)

The pain is there to let our body know it has reached it's limit. You are recovering from a traumatic injury, not a minor scratch. Feeling pain is normal.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

First and foremost, a surgery has just been finished and internal wounds are still healing. Pain after acl surgery could be signs that there is a blood clot.

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