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Question by  CanaansMommy2009 (3)

Why am I bleeding more than usual during my period?

I've had some spotting, too, that started a few days after my period stopped.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Without knowing more about your last cycle it is hard to determine why you are bleeding more than normal, you should consult with a doctor to rule out any possible problems.

Reply by CanaansMommy2009 (3):
I usually have a regular cycle that lasts for the normal 7 days since I have given birth back 6 months ago I have been bleeding heavier and more frequently with cycles that last longer than a week. Could child birth have anything to do with it?  add a comment

Answer by  mrsperiod (5)

Are you on birth control? If so,it is not uncommon for women to have light periods followed by spotting. Also,spotting may be an indication of pregnancy.


Answer by  Megan84 (32)

The bleeding during a period can fluctuate from month to month so there is usually nothing to be concerned about.

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