Question by  MarkampMartina (29)

Who wrote the Miami Vice theme song?

The song is stuck in my head.


Answer by  Patulia (7)

Jan Hammer a Czech composer and pianist wrote the theme song for Miami Vice and he also wrote "Crockets Theme" for Miami Vice. The "Miami Vice Theme" won two Grammys in February of 1986 for "Best Pop Instrumental Performance" and one for "Best Instrumental Composition". In 2004 he released an album The Best of Miami Vice with newly recorded versions.


Answer by  gleverance (720)

The opening theme song was written by Jan Hammer. In addition to the Jan Hammer Group, he has also worked with Jeff Beck and The Mahavishnu Orchestra.


Answer by  icelee05 (5)

The musical piece Miami Vice theme song was created and performed by Jan Hammer as the theme song to the television series Miami Vice. This theme song went number one.


Answer by  ginjenn (55)

The artist that wrote the Miami Vice theme song was Jan Hammer. He also wrote about 90 other songs for Miami Vice. His music is very catchy and rightfully so!

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