Question by  ghostieboo (12)

Who writes the Disney theme park music?

I think it is really good music.


Answer by  aebowen (46)

A lot of the older, classic Disney theme park songs were written by brothers Richard and Robert Sherman. They wrote the theme songs for it's a small world, the Enchanted Tiki Room, and the old Carousel of Progress and Adventure Through Inner Space. (They also composed the entire score for "Mary Poppins.")


Answer by  JKBone (5)

The composer of the Disney theme park music, that loops while you walk around the park, is by the late composer, arranger and teacher, Buddy Baker


Answer by  goranfritz (23)

The Disney theme park music is written by more writers. For example: Randy Newman, Basil Poledouris, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, Bruce Broughton, George Bruns, Buddy Baker, Richard and Robert Sherman.


Answer by  rumano93 (19)

Many of Disney theme park songs such as "it`s a smmall world" and many others were written by brothers Richard and Robert Sherman.

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