Question by  Kamini (20)

Who makes an all natural cat food?

Is Nature's Recipe all natural?


Answer by  littlegee (192)

Yes, Del Monte's Nature's Recipe is an all natural pet food. Some of the key natural ingredients include Venison, Oatmeal and Rosemary. Healthwise is another brand of all natural food.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

All Natural basically means there are no additives or chemical in the food. You need to check with the manufacturer.


Answer by  Brida (102)

Nature's Recipe Vitality Bites is an all natural cat food, uniquely blended and balanced with vitamins and minerals. It has been designed by special pet scientists and nutritionists to make sure your furry friend gets the complete nutrition needed. Other recommendable all natural cat food brands are Wellness and Natural Balance and both are available at Only Natural Pet Store.

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