Question by  Att4372 (1704)

Is there an alternative to prescription cat food?

The vet wants me to use a prescription cat food but it is too expensive.


Answer by  Anonymous

The less expensive version of prescription catfood I was offered as an option for colitis (digestive tract issues) was only $5 less per bag. I stuck w/ the prescription from my vet that healed my pet


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

No. If your vet prescribed you with a certain food then it's for a reason. Most people don't take into consideration that it actually costs MONEY to take care of pets. There may be coupons to lower the cost of the pet food. If not find your pet a home with someone who can take care of it.


Answer by  Kldoss (117)

You can place your cat on a "raw" diet which consists of raw meat or only wet canned food. Also if the reason your cat was placed on this diet was urinary realated(common) you can add a pinch of cranberry extract in addition to the wet food.


Answer by  vtlms02 (48)

It would depend of what the prescription food is for. A possibility would be to switch to a higher quality food and add whatever suppliments are available that are necessary for you're cat's condition. For example, if its a kidney problem, omega 3's and B-complex vitamins could be supplemented.


Answer by  salamander (408)

if the vet wants you to use prescription cat food then i would use it. there is a reason he prescribed what he did. its would be similar to you going to the doctor, getting a prescription and then using something else.. it wont serve the necessary purpose. you could ask him if there is a cheaper alternative, generic brand.


Answer by  Blue (18)

If you can't afford the prescripton, you can buy a cheaper higher quality cat food like Purina One or Iams. Find a cat food made specifically for the problem you cat has.


Answer by  MissTrusted (48)

There are reasons as to why a vet would give you a prescription cat food. If it's because of the ingredients in the shelf brand cat food, perhaps a specialty store would be better suited for you. Ask the vet why he wants your pet on the food and then do a simple internet search to help you out.

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