Question by  filminfo (20)

Who do you send wedding announcements to?


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

You can send the wedding announcements to anyone. Send them to family, friends, neighbors. You will also want to send the wedding announcements to all the people who are going to be on the guest list for the wedding.


Answer by  saw (34)

I sent the announcements to my relatives, friends, as well as to the wedding planner so that she knows the details and can make an excellent wedding planning for us.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

You will send it all your friends, families and anyone else who are special to you. However make sure they understand it is only an announcement not an invitation.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Anyone that you want to know that you are getting married. Excluding past boyfriends and girlfriends. Are these invitations or announcements of the marriage?

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