Question by  elijah (1)

Who controls the world?

big than god paradigm, bigger than our expectations, bigger than churches bigger than, bigger than social networking, bigger than sciences understanding, who controls the one who controls the one is it all in particle in our belief neuronetworks


Answer by  Anonymous

find the best religion to explain this. religion is simply a belief. dont follow into prejudism. just like human beings control their mind and actions: we can build/create a building for example. a Being bigger and greater than us must have made and is controling the universe through science. think.


Answer by  mdzzz17 (99)

It is a supernatural power which is controlling the whole world. Nobody in this world can define this power. it cannot be watched. we can just feel it


Answer by  worker44 (52)

The world is controlled by blind and unconscious nature, which has shaped the universe, the earth, and it's elements, and on which humans and other animals have evolved.


Answer by  BoeZoe (136)

It is likely erroneous to assume that any one person or thing controls the entire world.


Answer by  Anonymous

dogs and angels

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