Question by  jenmats (24)

Which is better - Great Clips vs. Supercuts?

I need a new place for a haircut.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Personally, I would prefer Great Clips over Supercuts. Both offer fairly low prices, but I have found that Great Clips runs specials sometimes which reduce the cost even further, and they do a really nice job with hair.


Answer by  benstac (1928)

I have been to Supercuts and for the price, it is decent. It depends on how complicated your cut/style is. With something more complex, I would go to a regular salon, but for a trim or maintenance, both are good options. You can also try Hair Cuttery (another chain) that has very affordable pricing.


Answer by  Flavia (102)

From what I've heard from my friends and family, Supercuts is way better than Great Clips, however it obviously also varies from place to place since there are obviously different hairdressers in each location. Maybe flip a coin and give it a shot, then go for the other one and see what happens. See if the prices vary too.


Answer by  helper72 (282)

Great Clips and Superuts are comparable hair-cutting establishments. Both are cheap and offer the same level of service. It really varies by the individuals who work there.


Answer by  klvan (421)

I believe that Great Clips is better. It is more a more reliable place and it has great deals, which makes it cheaper. In my opinion, cheaper is better, even though that isn't the case for most people.


Answer by  DeeSniffles (5)

When it come to getting a haircut supercuts will trump Great Clip any day. Do to their training and good service fundamentals. Quality is achieved before you leave your seat.


Answer by  Anonymous

I choose Great Clips when i was there a worker helped my whole family get a new haircut in time for the wedding we were going to go to we looked good and she got us finished less than an hour and my son hates getting a hair cut


Answer by  Anonymous

I would choose Great Clips because they have great service and great prices thats why they call it Great Clips great prices and great deals i don't really care what anyone says Great Clips is the place to go


Answer by  holdengal (693)

Both salons offer the same services for around the same price. The better salon depends on the particular stylist that cuts your hair.


Answer by  OohLaLa (75)

I would pick Supercuts any day, but that's because I love the girl who works at my local one! She is able to get me, my two boys, and my husband done in less than an hour!

posted by Anonymous
oh no way great clips is way better they have great prices and the people there are nice and welcome you when you come in  add a comment

Answer by  Sauve (435)

Great clips is better, they are cheaper, convineint and provide great customer and friendly service to their clients and they do a great job.So if looking for cost effectived, try Great Clips


Answer by  Penny16 (106)

Whenever I need to refresh my look, I go to Supercuts. They are a great place to get a new hairstyle, with very experienced and friendly hairdressers that always give me exactly the look that I'm going for.


Answer by  Anonymous

GReat clips all the way


Answer by  Anonymous

Great clips totally

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