Question by  Jack97 (29)

Where would I find the plumbing access panel?

I'm reading about how to fix a leak and I need to find the panel first.


Answer by  terry444 (26)

The plumbing access panel will be located in the ceiling of the bottom floor on your house. There will be various access panels that you can acquire to make repairs to the toilet, kitchen sink and shower. Our access point for our upstairs toilets is located in the basement ceiling


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

Inside your house, the plumbing access panel is usually found in the bathroom behind the sink or sometimes right behind the bathtub, depending on the size of your bathroom.


Answer by  keith75 (114)

There should be a main water shutoff valve somewhere outside your home. This is usually located under a small drain cover. There should also be another shutoff valve somewhere in your basement. There will be more shutoff valves around your home. They will be located underneath each sink and next to each toilet.

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