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Question by  sat (30)

Where is the best place to look for Curious George merchandise, besides the books.

My son is crazy for that monkey.


Answer by  river (1226)

Many places, lots of online sites and of course, Target, Walmart, Toys R US. There is also a traveling museum around the country, you might want to check in your area. It's for different dates.


Answer by  Rachel411 (468)

We visited Universal Studios in Orlando last year and saw a ton of this merchandise at their gift shops. I would suggest looking for a Universal online store or perhaps Ebay?


Answer by  aharthy00 (40)

I would recommend searching online for Curious George. There are tons of places with various merchandise from stuffed toys to bedding. Toys R Us also has plush toys and games that are Curious George-themed.


Answer by  Sett (1838)

There is a web site called CuriousGeorge.Awestores and they sell Curious George costumes, dolls, puzzles, bedding, school supplies and DVD's. The prices are very reasonable too.


Answer by  lucyb00 (157)

Check out toy stores or perhaps the curious george website. you'll be able to find dvds, shirts, stuffed animals and tons of other toys that your son would enjoy as a curious george fan.

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