Question by  caris (1)

I'm 13 in five days. What are some ideas for a fun place to go with three of my friends?

I'd like to do something with horses.


Answer by  ravensoffspring (412)

Take your friends to a horse riding camp! That'll be a great time. You can all learn how to ride, your friends will love it.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

You can ask your parents to pay for horseback riding lessons for your birthday for you and your friends or you can go to a horse racing park to see horse races.


Answer by  Lornah (282)

After the party, you and your friends can watch The Dreamer, a very nice movie about horses. The movie will be more enjoyable if you watch it on a home theatre or big screen.


Answer by  kdthomas (31)

First you all need to hit the mall and shop for the hottest outfits. Next go to have lunch at your favorite resturant. Later take your friends to the movies to watch the lastest show. End the night with a sleep over and breakfast the next morniing.

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