Question by  hellokitty (48)

Where have there been sightings of a ghost car?

I have heard about a ghost car and want to see it.


Answer by  cajuncuz (177)

There have been a lot of ghost cars sighted. Most of these sightings are out in the country. Many of the reports are of ghost cars appearing at the sight of the real cars wreck where there was a death involved.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

Rolls Royce has been rumored to have designed a new model called "Ghost." The car is top secret and is tested under wrapps so nobody can see it.


Answer by  Tony38 (215)

One such story about a ghost car takes place in Savannah, Georgia. Police car video shows a car leading police on a chase at high speeds across the city, and eventually driving through a chain-link fence without damaging the fence. This video has now been debunked though, as tested on a television show.


Answer by  johnwritters (67)

I believe I heard that there was a sighting of a ghost car in Nevada elko about two weeks ago at a movie theater.

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