Question by  markbev (25)

What could cause a ghost image on a projection television?

My projection television has a ghost image.


Answer by  severaltimes (247)

"Ghosting" on projection TVs is usually due to a projector which is out of alignment. Different models of projection TV vary significantly in how they are aligned. Searching for how to access the service menu on your model may tell you how to reset the alignment. If that does not work, try increasing the contrast.


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

This could be that the tv is just getting old, or you accidently changed a setting on it. Consult the user guide, or take it in to a repair shop for them to have a look at it. If it's old, it might be best to just replace it with a newer television.


Answer by  Max89 (36)

A ghost image is usually a sign that the projector is out of alignment. Try to look in the service menu of your TV and you may be able to reset the alignment that way. Another cause could be a low contrast, you can increase it for results.


Answer by  Sailorsuzie (36)

If your television has a static image (such as the menu screen on a DVD or the menu screen of a video game system)that has been on the screen for even 10 minutes, it can sometimes cause a ghost image.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

It could be your electrical outlet. If the television is not connected to an extension cord of energy saving outlet ( one of those multi plugs that keeps the electical currents safe from overheating), get one right away. Make sure your t.v is hooked up to satallite or cable.


Answer by  Mlynne724 (14)

If an image on the screen has been in one spot for so long and has not moved in awhile it may cause this.


Answer by  Jonhickman23 (30)

There are many different reasons for a ghost images on all types of television. However, the biggest thing to note about ghost images is that they are only problems in analog transmissions. If you have a digital transmission, then you will never have a ghosting issue.


Answer by  Darlene (194)

You can have a ghost image with interference on the channel or by not having your television programed correctley. It is quite a problem or you can even check on you owners manuel and should give you some help also.

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