Question by  TheKoopaBros (79)

Where can I get good deals on used microwaves?

I need several microwaves for a school.


Answer by  cmills (27)

One can usually find a wide variety of used appliances ( including microwaves) at thrift stores and yard sales. If for some reason that fails Wal-mart generally has inexpensive microwaves.


Answer by  marinjim (6)

Goodwill, Walmart GE $49 (compact small unit).


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

I know if you go to e-bay or craigs list and you are buying wuantity you can get some really good deals on them or you can go to a local distributer and tell them about it they may even donate some because of it being for a school.


Answer by  Lubart (31)

Newpaper called the Buy Lines lists used microwaves.We have garage sales where I pick up a new (used) microwave from the homeowner. His mother passed away and he was selling a microwave that his mother never used.Another good place is a Techical College like TCI .The fix used microwaves for learning purposes and donate the microwave to charity or schools.

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