Question by  Darkrocker (25)

Is there anywhere that sells discount Ethan Allen furniture?

I love Ethan Allen furniture but it is so expensive.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

Sometimes you can look for Ethan Allen furniture at antique and furniture auctions. There you can usually find stuff discounted and cheat. Also at flea markets you can find discounted furniture for cheap prices. Also some Ethan Allen centers will discount their stock on occasions.


Answer by  mandown (416)

You can find discount Ethan Allen furniture in their outlet stores which you can locate using their store locator. You can also look on EBAY.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

You are right, Ethan Allen furniture is very expensive, but it you will not be able to find it at a discount anywhere because only Ethan Allen sells their furniture. No other retailers sell Ethan Allen. Sometimes, though, Ethan Allen will have a warehouse sale where you may be able to buy furniture at a cheaper price.


Answer by  Kat69 (15)

It maybe expensive furniture but you can find it most likely at a outlet that carries different type of furniture.

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