Question by  dinomarino (268)

Where can I find out if there are any child molesters living in my area?

I just moved and I have three kids.


Answer by  clausline (163)

Many neighborhoods will send out sex offender notifications through the mail to update neighbors of an offender living near-by. Nevertheless, you can also check with your local police department or search your area on the national sex offender registry.


Answer by  jude11 (499)

If you go on the internet and google that up, there are certain websites that sexual offenders must register with that allows you to find out where they live and how close they are to you.


Answer by  TeresaE (381)

There are a lot of websites that let you put in your address and shows you registered sex offenders in the area for free. Do a simple google search and it'll show up. They show you pictures if available, and what their crime was along with several other points of information.

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