Question by  lacquer (15)

Where can I find maternity bridesmaid dress's?


Answer by  Touchdown (317)

Dresses for bridesmaids that are pregnant or that are expecting, otherwise known as maternity dresses, can be found at both bridal shops as well as maternity shops. While it might be difficult to fine these locally you might have luck doing a web search online for the terms 'maternity bridesmaid dress'


Answer by  riny01 (81)

Maternity bridesmaid dresses are available to order in bridal shops. Another good option would be to find a maternity dress in a similar color or style to the other dresses.


Answer by  Susan (179)

I bought a dress that had a very wide sash and then cut the sash in half and sewed it into the side of the dress to accommodate.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Often times Bridal Stores have the dresses or can find them if you ask. If you can't find any you like go to a Specialty Maternity Clothing Store.

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