Question by  ver1nha (21)

Where can I find good Christmas worksheets?

My elementary school kids need some extra things to do.


Answer by  susanstark (7)

If you have access to a computer , google search will yield many websites with free printable worksheet activities for all ages. Sites such as school express and kids network are good. Check if there is a Parent/Teacher educational store near you. Your school's website and the library are sources


Answer by  Scot (591)

offers a variety of Chistmas worksheets. These Christmas worksheets, however, are only appropriate in a parochial school. Public schools would not allow Christmas worksheets at any grade level because of their religious nature.


Answer by  tcat (769)

I look in the stores, especially discount stores, for coloring books that have christmas themes. You pick the coloring books that you think might interest the students, Santa, Rudolph the Red-nose REingndeer, or christmas trees. I have found religious ones with religous themes also. THere might be free sites on the internet also. Also ask other teachers to share.

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