Question by  ruli36 (10)

Where can I find a good earwig picture?

I want to see what they look like to know if this is what I have in my house.


Answer by  lokindra (481)

Earwigs are a common pest in warmer months. I often find them in my windowsill and door frame. Occasionally, some of the critters will get inside too. Earwigs have a long narrow body with a large pincer at the rear. They have two antenna and six legs. Many online encyclopedias will provide pictures and diagrams to assist you with identification.


Answer by  cupcakes (27)

Try wikipedia, they usually have good images. Also try a book specific to insects or even better specific to earwigs. These will have pictures that are accurate and of good quality.


Answer by  mbc123 (80)

I can picture an earwig, normally they come out at night in the summertime. Along with the beetles and lightning bugs. The best way to see a picture is either an encyclopedia or to look on line by goggling an image.


Answer by  HMG (139)

I recommend google images. Type in 'earwig' into google and press enter, and then click on the image results link. I did this, and I got some pretty good and varied results for the search. Also, maybe calling an exterminator for a referral to what kind of bug you have in your house might be a good idea.

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