Question by  jj1easy (10)

Where are Morgan Monroe guitars made?


Answer by  GraceJackson (92)

They are made in a few different places, possibly including Korea, China, and Indiana. You can go to their website and send them an email to find out for sure, as the website does not state the location of their manufacturing workshops.


Answer by  Alynn101 (16)

Morgan Monroe guitars are made in Korea and are mad out of solid spruce tops and also indian rosewood for the back and sides.


Answer by  beck (1099)

According to available sources Morgan Monroe guitars may be made in Korea and China and others in Indianapolis Indiana. It would seem best to contact the company itself and ask which models are made where.


Answer by  Banjochamp (132)

A friend of mine who owns a music store told me that his MM's are made in Canada. I played a few of his and they sounded pretty good.

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