Question by  Joe57 (25)

When do you cut flowers from a Hosta?

I need to cut flowers from a Hosta.


Answer by  jeestes82 (105)

Cut flower stems at the base when all flower petals have either fallen off or are showing signs visible of fading. Make sure to cut flower stems off before individual flowers go to seed and form pods. This is encourage the Hosta to flower for a longer period of time.


Answer by  kamal (204)

Let the flowers bloom and when it is finished you may cut the stem. Blooming is very important in the life cycle of hosta and help in propogation.


Answer by  techgurl (97)

Hosta flowers should be cut once they are open as premature cutting can lead to the flowers not fully developing. Be sure to use the sharpest shears you have.


Answer by  LavenderLady (23)

You can cut Hosta flowers at any time. If you do not like the flowers, cut them as soon as they appear. If you cut them when they first open you can keep them in a vase for a few days.

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