Question by  Jesse26 (57)

What's the trick to living on one income?

People do it all the time, but I don't know how.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

Heavy budgeting, one paycheck and preferably two in advance; knowing exactly how much you have and where it needs to go is half the battle. Buy store's own groceries. Don't eat out except on special occasions. Cook your own food. Buy power saving light bulbs and unplug appliances when you're done. Excess buying happens from paycheck before last's leftover money.

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Also in my household we don't have cable TV; we have a Netflix account and a TV that plugs into the computer. Any comparable unlimited download rental service is comparable and WILL save money. It also helps to buy your own modem instead of renting.  add a comment

Answer by  buckytat (45)

Keep receipts to track spending. Use a budget. Stop using credit cards and pay them off. Cut back on 'variable' spending by shopping sales, discount stores and dollar stores.


Answer by  revam (39)

We do it. You have to sacrifice a few things, eating outside (in restaurants) should not be done very often.Going often to theaters should be stopped. Unneccesary shopping should be avoided. Belt should be tightened a bit and once you are used to it -it's not so difficult.


Answer by  linsm (898)

In order to live one one income, there is no choice except to change lifestyle, and scale down the spending. It may be necessary to move to less expensive housing. It is cheaper to make a pizza than order out for one. Televisions use a lot of electricity; so if you are not watching it, turn it off.

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