Question by  tom30 (14)

What's the price range for rims for a Chevy Impala?

I want something classy.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The price will depend on the year of the car, what size you want, and what style you want. Check a website like Tirerack to see what is available.


Answer by  Mary07 (199)

This depends on the size of the rim and how much of a custom look you're trying to achieve. A set of nice rims with chrome lug nuts and center caps will typically cost between $150 to $250 per rim. A set of four will cost usually between $800-$1000.


Answer by  Deepa51 (29)

08 - 09; 18"" Rim 1 NEW Factory is $225 2002; 16"" OEM Wheel Rim 5083 is $144.99 2000-2007; 16"" OEM Wheel Rim is $144.99 Used 18" is $165.00


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

Wheel prices all depend on what you are looking for. Prices range due to sizes materials used to make the wheel, forged stamped cut. you looking for a one piece or two or three piece wheel.Finish often played huge on wheel cost , and can range from 50 for simple steel painted to thoulsands for triple chrome


Answer by  JD17 (424)

It really depends on a few things. Like the year of the car, depending on what year the bolt patter will be different. Some more common then other making them more or less expensive. what size rim you want. Prices can range from forty each side to 1000 a wheel

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