Question by  vijay (17)

What's the best way to get over your anger after a breakup?

I feel like I should be over it by now.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

Replace your relationship with an activity or pursue a hobby. Go and find a good therapist who can help you through this difficult period if the former things don't help.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Just try and move on. Do things that make you happy or go out with friends to help keep your mind off the break up. It will take time.


Answer by  wiss22 (119)

You need to refocus your energy. What are your interests? Being angry for too long is not healthy, so focus on things that make you happy. Do you have hobbies? If not, find one. Take a long walk, read a book, spend time with your friends. Those are all healthy things that will help your bad feelings subside.


Answer by  Ken44 (70)

There are many ways to get past anger after a break up. Do things that you enjoy - and can enjoy without your ex. Do healthy activities to take your mind off the stress - listen to music, excercise, write, or anything that comes easy to you. Tell yourself you're better off this way.

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